Our Mission

As an anchor for the LGBTQI+ leather community, the Rhode Island Leather Enthusiasts (RILE) celebrates the diversity of leather culture in the Ocean State.

About Rile

The Rhode Island Leather Enthusiasts (R.I.L.E.) is a new organization based in Providence, Rhode Island, that brings the diverse LGBTQI+ leather community together in fellowship. We do this through Meet-ups around the city. In the future, we will also be including bar nights, fundraisers and other activities that celebrate the Ocean State’s leather culture.

Currently, R.I.L.E. is in the early stages of its formations and, as such, we’re still working out the details. As of today, we are not yet ready to accept new members. However, we are accepting Statements of Interest from those people interested in joining when membership becomes available. We also have a Facebook group that you can join to get to know other potential members, as well as get news and updates from the club.

Our current projections are to have membership open late November, 2022. At that time, we will reach out first to those who have completed the Statement of Interest.