First, attend at least 1 R.I.L.E. event and secure a sponsorship from a current member. Next, complete the application process online at Once your application has been accepted, you have 90 days to attend 2 R.I.L.E. sponsored events as well as at least 1 business meeting. Upon completion of these requirements, your membership will be put to a vote. If accepted, you will pay your annual dues, after which time you’ll be a member in good standing.

While there are 5 membership types in R.I.L.E. (Full Member, Associate Member, Alumni Member, Inactive Member, Charter Member and Emeriti Member), potential new members may choose to be either a Full or Associate Member.

  • Full members are allowed to sponsor new members, serve in executive roles and serve on committees, and have 1 full vote for all club business and membership matters. Full members pay the full dues annually.
  • Associate members are not allowed to sponsor new members or serve in executive roles. They are allowed to serve on committees, and are given ½ vote for all club matters, but are not given a vote on membership. Associate members are given reduced annual dues.

Upon submission of the completed R.I.L.E. membership application, you will enter a 90-day pledge period. During this time, you are required to attend (1) club meeting and (2) social events. You will also not be able to serve in an executive role or sponsor new members during your pledge period, but you may serve on any open committees. Upon completion of the requirements, a vote will be held to determine your membership status. Upon being made a member and paying your annual dues, you will receive all rights and privileges as a Full or Associate member. 

R.I.L.E. requires members to pay annual dues at the time they are voted in as members. Dues will be collected at the beginning of each year.

  • For Full Members, annual dues are $40
  • For Associate Members, annual dues are $20
  • Dues are waived for Inactive, Alumni and Emeriti members
  • Dues are collected annually in January and may be prorated your first year, based on when you join
    • If you join January through March, dues would be the full $40
    • If you join April through June, dues would be $30
    • If you join July through September, dues would be $20
    • If you join October through December, dues would be $10

To join R.I.L.E. you must:

  1. Have another full member of R.I.L.E. sponsor your application
  2. Complete the online membership application at
  3. Receive a majority vote (⅔) of eligible voters present at the club meeting following your application submission
  4. Pay your dues in full
  5. Attend at least (2) social events during the 90-days period after completing your application
  6. Attend at least (1) club meeting during the 90-days period after completing your application

Yes! If you are a full member of another leather/kink organization, you may join R.I.L.E. as an associate member. If you are only an associate member of the other organization, you may be eligible to be a full member of R.I.L.E.

Having a sponsor is a key part of membership in R.I.L.E. If you do not have a sponsor, you may reach out to us at to see about being connected with another member. However, members are under no obligation to recruit or sponsor members, so we cannot guarantee an immediate sponsorship. The best way to secure a sponsorship is to attend R.I.L.E. events such as our meetups, bar nights or club meeting, to socialize and make the connections needed for membership.

Upon admittance to R.I.L.E., full members will be given a membership pin and a large patch, which is to be worn on the back of vests. Associate members will receive a small patch. Your membership also gives you access to exclusive club Meet Ups, as well as invitations to all club meetings. Full members also receive 1 full vote on all club business and membership votes. Associate members will receive 1/2 vote on all club business, but may not vote on membership issues. 

Have a question you don’t see an answer to here? Feel free to contact us at